Four arrested in Kamothe for murder

Two of the accused were caught while trying to dispose of body

The Kamothe police have arrested four people including two brothers who were caught while trying to dispose of a body.

The accused have been identified as Dilip Ganesh Sahu (21), his brother Sandeep Ganesh Sahu (19), and their friends Sonu alias Sunil Kushwaha (28) and Maharaj alias Ramagar Sai (26), all residents of Jui village in Kamothe.

According to the police, the sister of the Sahu brothers had an affair with a man from the same village and the duo was against it. On Thursday, their sister’s boyfriend along with his two friends, including one Lakshmikant Mishra alias Bade, assaulted the brothers at their house.

The Sahu brothers decided to teach the trio a lesson and the next day, asked the boyfriend to meet them to discuss his relationship with their sister.

“Carrying weapons, the brothers and their two friends went to meet the three with an intention to kill them. Seeing the four, two of them managed to escape but the accused got hold of Mishra and stabbed him to death,” an officer from Kamothe police station said.

The brothers then carried the body to the outskirts and while disposing of it, a police vehicle with senior police inspector Smita Jadhav spotted them. The accused claimed that the man, who was known to them, was found injured on the roadside and they were waiting for an ambulance. Mishra was declared brought dead at a hospital. During investigation, the police learned about the incident from villagers and arrested the four accused.

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