Flyover to ease elephant movement in Odisha

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will build a one-kilometre-long flyover between Rairakhol and Sambalpur, so that elephant herds can cross the busy highway underneath, its natural path, without any hassle.

The proposed flyover is a first of its kind. “The flyover will come up between Rairakhol and Sambalpur. Vehicular traffic will move on the flyover while elephants will take their traditional path underneath the structure,” said Ram Prasad Panda, Chief General Manger of NHAI, Odisha, on Tuesday.

At present, when elephant herds near the NH-55 between Cuttack and Sambalpur, the elephant tracker teams of Forest and Environment Department stop vehicular traffic from both sides. It helps the jumbos cross the NH. It has been a regular feature for past few years.

The second flyover, which will be 532 metre long, has been proposed between Pallahara and Keonjhar. Apart from the one-km-long flyover in the 112-km section of NH-55 between Angul and Sambalpur, 12 elephant underpasses have been proposed.

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