Flyover in Thiruninravur receives LED street lights

Recently, the State Highways Department installed LED street lights on the steel poles on both sides of the bridge, as a stop-gap measure.

The bridge is a lifeline for many people and the lack of functional lights over these months was a matter of concern.

Despite considerably populated sections — notably, Periyar Nagar, Muththamizh Nagar, Swadeshi Nagar and the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board housing quarters along the lake — residents depend on route no: 54A (Thirunindravur – Poonamallee via Avadi), the lone service that is operated on four trips from the open bus terminus in Thiruninravur.

“With many temporary LED street lights at the bridge, on the blink, motorists depend on headlights of their vehicles,” says B. Paramasivan, a motorist from Thirunindravur.

Further, as a majority of the residents in the town are farmers, transportation of the produce including vegetables, fruits and greens to the Koyambedu wholesale market is carried out largely by two-wheelers and the lone bus service.

The one-km-long bridge has stormwater drains; a footpath for walkers; staircases to reach the railway station in the neighbourhood and a concrete median.

Most of the 30 street lights on the bridge remained damaged with the bulbs in many of these lamp posts having gone missing. Each street light was installed at a height of 30 feet to ensure the carriageway and service lane are well-lit.

Over the years, poor maintenance led to neglect of the public facility.

The new LED street lights were fixed on the lamp posts at a height of four feet from the side wall of the bridge on both sides.

“Steps will be taken to repair the existing street lights on the bridge soon,” says a State Highways official.

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