Fancy a cup of jaffee?

How about a steaming cup of ‘jaffee’ to wake you up in the morning? A social entrepreneur has come up with a hot beverage made out of jackfruit seeds. Jaffee powder is made by roasting jackfruit seeds. The drink is prepared just like coffee, by blending it with milk.

Developed by engineer-turned-social entrepreneur Shivanna, jaffee was one of the main attractions at the two-day mango and jackfruit diversity fair being organised by the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) at its Hessarghatta campus from Tuesday.

Many said it tasted ‘“slightly different’ from coffee. Shivanna, 62, says, “It is not an alternative to coffee, but a health drink, as it is rich in fibre, protein and carbohydrates. Also, it is free from gluten and caffeine.”

Mr. Shivanna heads Parivarthan, a social organisation involved in rural development in Sakrayapatna in the coffee-growing district of Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka. He developed this product while trying to experiment with diversification of jackfruit products to increase the use of the underutilised fruit and to get better remuneration for growers.

“Though I developed jaffee around 2014, I have not gone for full-fledged commercialisation. I am selling this only through direct marketing to who approaches me,” he says. He has priced jaffee at ₹90 for 100 grams.

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