e-sevanam portal, upgraded Kerala State portal launched

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday launched the upgraded Kerala State portal, a portal for e-services and the m-sevanam application for accessing various government services through mobile phones.

After inaugurating the services through videoconferencing, the Chief Minister said the measures were part of ensuring transparency in the delivery of services to the public.

He said people should be able to get things done without visiting government offices multiple times. For this purpose, the government had made use of the latest digital technologies so that everyone could access various services from home.

The official portal of the State government – kerala.gov.in – has been upgraded in such a way that the public can get an idea of the various services, projects, and publications of the government in a single platform.

The e-sevanam portal is a centralised system to access services of various departments. In the first phase, as many as 500 services are available for the public. The m-sevanam application helps people access several services easily through mobile phones.

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