Domestic help booked for cheating retired IAS officer

The Koramangala police are on the lookout for a domestic help who allegedly forged the signature of his employer, a retired IAS officer, to transfer ₹14.9 lakh to his account.

The incident came to light when Sanjay Siragowni, son of S.R. Vijay, 84, resident of Koramangala, checked his bank account and noticed fraudulent transactions by the domestic help, Kasim Sab. He then filed a complaint with the Koramangala police on Monday.

In his complaint, Sanjay alleged that his father’s caretaker Kasim had forged his signature on the cheques of different banks and got the money transferred to his account.

Kasim was referred to Sanjay by his former domestic help Asha, who in turn was referred to Sanjay by an agency. She quit the job due to personal reasons and told Sanjay that Kasim is a native of Gangavathi in Koppal and is a good person to take care of his father. Sanjay hired him in March.

Kasim used to go to the bank to withdraw money whenever the family needed.

On June 21, Kasim informed Sanjay that he was going to his native to attend his brother’s marriage and went on leave. After a day, when Vijay took one of his bank account statements, he learnt that Kasim had forged his signature and deposited it in the bank. The cheque was due to mismatch of the signature.

Kasim forged the signature on another cheque and deposited it in the bank, and ₹8 lakh was transferred to his account. He had also transferred money to his account many times by forging the signature.

When Sanjay called Kasim to clarify, he admitted to the cheating and promised to return the money.

Vijay checked his other bank accounts and learnt that Kasim had forged the signature on those account cheque leaves, and in total, he had pocketed ₹14.9 lakh.

The Koramangala police froze Kasim’s bank account and efforts are on to arrest him.

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