Digital cards helped our clients in crises: Sodexo

‘Going fully digital ensured operations’

Full digitisation has helped employee benefit solutions firm Sodexo BRS India to increase its market share, a top company executive said.

“Digitisation has helped reimagine benefits with new clients and new consumers increasing our market share successfully,” said CEO Anish Sarkar. Since the time it went fully digital in 2016, Sodexo had introduced an array of digital solutions for employee benefits such as meals, fuel, telecom, learning and development, health and wellness through its multi-benefits pass.

“Digital cards and digitisation have helped clients navigate crises in the last one year,” Mr. Sarkar said.

Digitisation also ensured introduction of new benefits in a remote work set-up for better employee experience, Mr. Sarkar said.

He said the company would continue its growth in the Indian market despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I see business sentiment turning positive, and growth coming back. Organisations will continue to invest in digitisation and better employee experience to manage human capital,” Mr. Sarkar said.

“Our solutions are trusted by over 11,000 clients across public and private companies and that reinforces our vision to design solutions that improve everyday quality of life of our clients, consumers and merchants,” the CEO asserted.

In calendar 2020, the company had ensured complete continuity of operations. “This can be attributed to the fully-digital business model and delivery of digital cards during the pandemic,” he said.

“The business continued to stay resilient due to all four stakeholders, namely employees, clients, consumers, and merchants, going fully digital and adapting rapidly to the changing times,” Mr. Sarkar added.

The CEO said the firm’s digital solutions were being used by its 3.5-million consumer base spread across more than 1,700 cities in India working with more than 11,000 clients across sectors.

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