Diets that cause blood clots in the brain

A perfect diet is the best source of humans to be active and healthy all the time. According to a study, sustainable diets are not only helpful to lower the risk of blood clots in the brain, but also beneficial for the climate.

In order to avoid the risk of blood clots in the brain, one should include fibre intake everyday in his diet. Adopting a sustainable diet can help maintain an individual’s health while also making sure the planet has enough resources to feed future generations of humans.A healthy and sustainable diet includes fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables and whole grains. And the diet to be avoided is added sugars, red meat, refined grains, and processed foods, those leads your body to unhealthy condition.

Some other sustainable foods like plant-based meat, oat milk, fresh green leafy vegetables, dry fuits are very helpful for the reduction of unhealthy state of mind. On the other hand, water is also helpful to stay healthy and fit forever.

Anyway, the foods which are available from nature naturally are good for any kind of diseases than consuming refined or artificially manufactured foods like packaged foods. So please avoid eating them, and consume the nature to survive healthily.

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