Delhi Police goes easy on COVID-19 norms violators

Non-traceable report to be filed, database of offenders to be deleted after CP’s order

Delhi Commissioner of Police S.N. Shrivastava on Friday said violators of COVID-19 related norms will face no action.

Over the next few days, the police will recommend the filing of non-traceable reports and deletion of the database of people who were held in violation of lockdown rules or not wearing face masks, said Mr. Shrivastava. Earlier, the Commissioner had instructed officers to take no action against migrant workers during the lockdown.

The police had taken action against nearly four lakh people since the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020 for venturing out on the streets without valid reasons, possessing no movement pass and not wearing a mask.

He added that the FIRs pending against unknown people for violating lockdown rules will be disposed of as untraced. In cases where a person was arrested and later released on bail, the police will explore legal help to dispose of such cases and delete the names of such people from the database.

A total of 24,731 people were booked under IPC Section 188 and 3,64,253 were charged under Section 65 of the Delhi Police Act during lockdown.

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