Delhi Lockdown Explained: What are the exemptions, is home delivery allowed?

Delhi Lockdown: Under the lockdown, apart from the curbs that were enforced during the recent weekend curfew, private offices, construction work, cinemas and weekly markets will also remain suspended.

The alarming rise in Covid-19 cases and fatalities has brought back another round of lockdown in Delhi. The restrictions will come into force at 10 pm tonight and remain till 5 am Monday (April 26).

Under the Delhi lockdown, apart from curbs that were enforced during the recent weekend curfew, private offices, construction work, cinemas and weekly markets will also remain suspended. Schools, colleges, coaching institutes will remain closed as well.

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Is this a complete lockdown like last year?

Not entirely. Private offices, shops, shopping centres, malls, cinemas and theatres, restaurants and bars, auditoriums, gyms will remain closed. There will also be a complete ban on social, political, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious and festival-related gatherings. However, the list of exemptions is longer as compared to the lockdown that was enforced in March last year.

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What are the exemptions?

First, those engaged in essential services will be exempted. These include print and electronic media, government officials working with departments such as health, police, fire, power, water, Delhi Metro, municipal bodies, members and staffers of the judiciary. Doctors, nursing staff, paramedics, staffers of medical labs, medical oxygen suppliers. More importantly, pregnant women and other patients, people travelling to and from airports, railway stations and ISBTs, electronic and print media.

What about people going to get tested or vaccinated?

Persons going for Covid-19 testing or vaccination shall be allowed on the production of valid ID cards, states the order issued by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority. In this case, this shall work on a “trust basis”, said a government official, expressing hope that people will not misuse this clause. Medical attendants will also be allowed to attend to patients on the production of ID-card, prescription and other medical documents.

I have a flight/train/bus to catch, will I be allowed?

Yes, Delhi Police will allow movement of such individuals on the production of valid tickets. Those going to the airport or rail stations or bus terminals to pick up someone will also be allowed.

Will grocery shops, vegetable/meat/fish vendors, milk shops, chemists remain open?

Yes, e-passes will be issued to people engaged in running shops selling medicines, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish; people working in banks, telecom/ internet services, private security services.

What about buses, cabs, autos and the Delhi Metro?

All these modes of transport will be allowed to ferry passengers coming under the exempted categories only.

Will home delivery and domestic help be allowed?

Yes. Restaurants and eateries will be allowed to offer takeaway and home delivery services. Other than food, delivery of all essential goods related to medical equipment and medicines will also be allowed. The order is silent on whether or not domestic help will be allowed to work. During the weekend curfew, they were stopped by the authorities in some areas, while in many neighborhoods there were no curbs on them.

What about liquor shops?

Liquor shops will remain closed.

Can one go out for a walk/jog in the neighbourhood park? What about swimming pools or sports complexes?

Public parks, gardens, gyms will remain shut. Swimming pools and stadia shall be allowed to function only for the training of sports personnel for participation in national and international events. These facilities shall remain out of bounds for others.

Can one go for a haircut?

Not at least till next Sunday. Barber shops, saloons, spas, and beauty parlours cannot remain open, states the DDMA order.

Will factories/industries and constriction remain suspended?

In cases, where workers are present within the premises of a factory or a construction site, work can continue. However, if there is a need to transport workers from another place to the site, work will remain prohibited. However, manufacturing units of essential commodities will be allowed and employees of such units will be issued e-passes.

How to obtain the e-pass? is the portal where applications can be made for e-passes. The e-passes granted for movement during the night curfew and weekend curfew shall remain valid. The night curfew shall remain enforced till April 30.

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