Delhi govt. targets 1,000 vaccination sites, asks DMs for list by Saturday

Inoculation to be carried out six days a week in hospitals, four days at dispensaries

The Delhi government has asked all 11 District Magistrates (DMs) to submit a list of vaccination sites, after checking their feasibility, to increase the number of such centres in the city to 1,000, a State government official told The Hindu.

On Saturday, the first day of the vaccination drive, inoculation will take place at 89 hospitals and then it will be scaled up.

“Inspections on these 1,000 sites, including hospitals, dispensaries and scho-ols, are ongoing. For these sites, the government has also asked the DMs to prepare a total of 1,100 teams, of which 10% will be backup, and submit both the lists on Saturday,” the official said.

Also, the COVID-19 vaccination will be carried out six days a week in hospitals, except on Sundays. But in dispensaries, it will take place only four days a week, according to an official document seen by The Hindu.

“It is observed that in dispensaries regular vaccination takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays. Therefore, COVID vaccination would be carried out on the remaining four days [Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday],” the document read.

The government has identified 621 cold chain points, including hospitals, dispensaries and mohalla clinics, and the 1,000 vaccination sites or vaccinations booths will be established at these cold chain points.

“On Saturday, the 89 hospitals will have only one vaccination booth each. But we will soon create multiple vaccination booths at these hospitals,” said Dr. Suneela Garg, director professor at Maulana Azad Medical College, who is a part of the vaccination drive.

Each vaccination site will have three rooms: waiting room, vaccination room and observation room.

One lakh target

The Delhi government’s aim is to inoculate 1 lakh people a day by increasing the vaccination sites to 1,000. Each of the 1,000 sites is expected to inoculate 100 people a day.

As per the document, South West district with 123 vaccination sites will have the highest number of such sites, followed by the North district with 110 and the West district with 108. The lowest number of vaccination sites will be in the North East district, where only 65 such sites are proposed.

The Delhi government has already collected details of 160 hospitals where the vaccination drive will begin after starting at 89 hospitals, officials said.

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