Darshan’s plea draws close to ₹1 cr. donation to State zoos

Donations and adoption of animals have continued across nine zoos in the State after actor Darshan Thoogudeepa’s recent appeal to his fans and the public for financially supporting the crisis-hit zoos whose maintenance largely depends on their gate collections. Due to lockdown, the zoos’ revenue has been badly hit with zero footfall.

The donations/adoptions are inching closer to ₹1 crore in five days. After the actor’s video appeal on June 5 went viral, the zoos have received nearly ₹91,61,600 until June 9 (Wednesday).

Most people made donations or adopted animals using the ‘Zoos of Karnataka’ app which was launched by the Zoo Authority of Karnataka.

Mysuru zoo has received the highest number of donations and adoptions of ₹47,56,000 followed by Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru which got ₹26,78,000.

The donations and adoptions in other zoos are: Shivamogga zoo (₹6,91,000), Gadag zoo (₹2,57,200), Hampi zoo (₹2,05,000), Belagavi zoo (₹1,82,800), Davangere zoo (₹1,71,700), Chitradurga zoo (₹1,37,100) and Kalaburagi zoo (₹82,000).

Nearly 3,548 people, including 1,865 in Mysuru and 826 in Bengaluru, have either made donations or adopted animals under the popular animal adoption scheme.

The ZAK has thanked Mr. Darshan for his support at a time when the zoos are facing serious revenue crisis for the second successive year due to the pandemic.

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