Crime against women comes down, say police

Rate of solving such cases has gone up

The crime against women declined significantly in the national capital and the rate of solving the cases has gone up in 2020 as compared to in 2019, the Delhi Police said on Friday.

The rape cases have reduced by 21.63%, molestation by 25.16% and insult to modesty of women by 12.32%, they said.

There were 1,699 rape cases reported in 2020 as against 2,168 in 2019. A total of 2,186 cases of molestation of women were reported in 2020 and 2,921 in 2019. The cases of kidnapping and abduction of women were reduced last year to 2,938 from 3,672 in 2019. The cases of insult to the modesty of women and the POCSO Act have also reduced, the police said.

The rate of solving the cases increased in every case except in kidnapping and abduction of women — which was 7% low last year as compared to 2019, they said.

In 98% of rape cases, the accused were known to the victims, in 44%, the accused was from family or a friend, 12% neighbours, 14% relatives, 2% employer or co-worker, 26% other known persons and only 2% strangers. In 381 cases, accused was in live-in-relation or refused to marry.

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