Committee: Centre indifferent to stir against VSP privatisation

‘Allocate captive mines to VSP and convert loans into equity’

The Vizag Steel Plant Parirakshana Committee has condemned the indifferent attitude of the Union government towards the Visakahaptnam Steel Plant (VSP) agitation, which was being held for the past one month.

The committee held its meeting, condemned the Centre advising the State governments on privatisation of PSUs at a time when the Steel Plant agitation was gripping Andhra Pradesh.

It felt that it was nothing but making a mockery of people’s struggle. It demanded immediate revocation of the decision to privatise the Visakahaptnam Steel Plant and allocate captive mines to it apart from converting loans into equity.

The meeting also opposed the Chief Minister’s decision to sell 7,000 acres of VSP land to raise funds for the plant. The meeting decided to stage state-wide blockades (rasta rokos) on February 26 by involving all workers and the public. A protest would be held at Maddilapalem Junction in the city.

The committee also condemned the nonchalant attitude of the Centre though hundreds of workers were organising hunger strikes and protests at the Steel Plant gate since February 12.

Committee chairman M. Jaggu Naidu, leaders N. Kanaka Rao, A. Suresh, G. Nayana Babu, S. Venkatalakshmi, Ganesh Panda, Boddu Pydiraju, B.T. Murthy, Y. Kondayya, K. Nirmala, N. Prakasa Rao, P. Narayana Murthy, G. Priyanka, U.S.N. Raju and G. Balabhanu were among those participated in the meeting.

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