CM turning blind to unemployment issue: Congress

Govt. apathy driving youth to take extreme step, says Dasoju Sravan

Spokesperson of AICC Sravan Dasoju has alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has turned a blind eye to the unemployment issue in the State which he said is growing bigger by the day.

Speaking to newspersons here on Tuesday he said the Chief Minister was sitting over the sensitive issue of unemployment issue and the government’s attitude was driving the unemployed youth to become desperate and go for extreme steps like ending their life. Some 40 youth had ended lives forcibly due to lack of suitable employment opportunities.

“It’s unfortunate that one more youth Mahendar Yadav has ended life as the government has failed to take recruitment process to fill the existing vacancies in all government departments. A private school teacher, Chandarashekar, who lost his job due to the pandemic, ended life unable to find any alternative employment. On Tuesday, Ravi, a Dalit teacher, also ended life in Nagarjunasagar due to the same reason,” he said giving some examples.

Reminding the Chief Minister the days of Telangana agitation where he led the struggle, the Congress leader sought to know why he was unable to feel the same pain for the unemployed youth as he used to express then. He wondered why the government was not taking even the minimum responsibility and protect at least the existing jobs in private sector.

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