‘Civic bodies have become financially weak due to political malice of govt.’

The BJP on Tuesday alleged that the Capital’s civic bodies had become financially weak due to the political malice of the AAP government over the last six years of its rule.

Delhi BJP general secretary Harsh Malhotra said not only were the corporations being denied funds constitutionally due to them but also funds enhanced as per the fourth Delhi Finance Commission cleared by the Delhi Legislative Assembly.

“This has brought several public services to a standstill and employees are not getting their salaries. On one hand, these corporations are being deprived funds while on the other, AAP is busy in maligning the image of corporations with baseless allegations,” Mr. Malhotra said, adding that this is happening “despite the Delhi High Court reprimanding the Kejriwal government twice in a month it has still not honoured its directive in this regard”.

The party alleged that the Delhi government owed ₹6,309 crore to the north, ₹4,590 crore to the east and ₹2,304.69 crore to the south Delhi municipal corporations.

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