‘Chemical locha in their minds’: Alpesh Thakor attacks Congress leaders

Gujarat MLA and OBC leader Alpesh Thakor on Tuesday said Congress leaders who reiterate that scams have taken place are suffering from a “chemical locha” (chemical imbalance) in their minds. Thakor had left the Congress last month ahead of Lok Sabha polls stating that his Kshatriya Thakor Sena was facing insults in the party.

Thakor stated that the Congress party has no people and is only full of ‘chela chapatas’ (those who indulge in flattery).

“Congress failed to understand what people actually want. They only repeatedly shouted ‘ghotala hua, ghotala hua’ (scam happened, scam happened). There was no scam, the scam was in their minds, the ‘chemical locha’ was in their minds,” said Alpesh Thakor while talking to ANI.

Earlier, today while talking to ANI on phone, Thakor said that he will not join the BJP though he is in contact with several of their party leaders as an MLA.

He said that the Congress was bound to be defeated in Lok Sabha polls as the party has no presence at the ground and only emphasizes on organizing press conferences.

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“Congress had no booth agents at more than 500 booths. They have lost connection with the ground level and its leaders only do pressers sitting in the party office. They should rather reach out to people in villages and try to solve their problems,” said Thakor.

“Congress has become a party without any public support, without any booth management. It has become a party of only leaders,” he lashed out.

“The way Congress is working is the reason why they failed to understand what people want. Congress did not find a way to sort out public issues. Congress does not have strong people they have only ‘chela chapatas’,” he said.

Thakor claimed that he had cautioned the Congress against negative campaigning over Narendra Modi and RSS.

“I asked Congress not speak against Narendra Modi or RSS but they did not understand this. Modi is the face of non-corruption while RSS is the face for nationalism,” he asserted.

He said that 15 -17 Congress MLAs are unhappy with the party.

“We want to work for our people and the poor with the help of the government… wait and watch, more than 15 MLAs are leaving Congress, everyone is distressed. More than half of the MLAs are upset,” Thakor claimed.

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First Published:
May 28, 2019 14:01 IST

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