Centre conspiring against Telangana: Gutha

The Centre’s gazette notifications to take control over Krishna and Godavari projects in Telangana is BJP’s planned action, former Legislative Council Chairman Gutha Sukender Reddy said on Sunday.

“It shows the Centre’s conspiracy and revengeful approach against Telangana. The BJP, since its prospects are bleak here, wants to turn Telangana into a desert,” he said.

Addressing the media at his house here, the former Nalgonda MP said that the conspiracy was not new, but had begun with the merging of Telangana’s seven mandals with Andhra Pradesh in 2014.

The two gazette notifications establishing the jurisdictions of Krishna River Management Board and Godavari River Management Board for all administration and operation purpose, Mr. Reddy said, would quash the State rights.

“The gazettes say Telangana cannot use any water without the permission of the Centre. Should Telangana be at the Centre’s mercy?” he questioned.

Mr. Reddy also termed the State BJP leaders ‘inefficient’ for not playing any ‘for Telangana’ role.

Observing that no political party, in the interest of Telangana, would welcome such orders, he demanded the Centre to rethink the decision and roll back the gazettes.

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