Caught on cam: Woman drags businessman on car bonnet for 3 km

A 29 years old businessman on an SUV bonnet was dragged for nearly ‘3 km’ on Ullal Main Road, Jnanabarathi, Bengaluru on the morning of 20th November. The friends and brother of the businessman had to chase the car and stop it to rescue him.

The incident tool place between 10.15 am to 11 am near the Mangalore Independent PU College. A woman named Priyanka and her husband were on their way home after her medical check-up when their car collided with the car of the businessman named Darshan. The collision happened at the Jnanabarathi Main Road area.

In the video of this incident, the driver continues to drive the car despite a man clinging to the bonnet of the car.

According to the police report , the man on the bonnet, identified as Darshan and the woman driving, identified as Priyanka got into a car accident and following this they both got into an argument. When Darshan tried to stop Priyanka from leaving the scene, she started to drive hitting him and flinging him on her car’s bonet.

The Laxman B Nimbargi, DCP ,West Bengaluru said that Darshan misunderstood that Priyanka was escaping and jumped onto the bonnet. Priyanka did not stop the car and kept driving it for 3 kilometers.

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