Campaign seeks extension of window for sending suggestions to MPD 2041

‘Main Bhi Dilli’ campaign wants focus on gender-related issues

The “Main Bhi Dilli” campaign on Thursday demanded an extension of the 45-day window for citizens to send in objections and suggestions to the draft Master Plan for Delhi 2041.

The need for local and zonal plans, recognition of diverse sectors of informal employment and a separate section on gender and women safety in the city, were some of the points raised by urban planners and volunteers with the campaign.

The campaign also said baseline studies and existing land-use information had not been shared by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) yet and that the deadline for objections was only a few days away. Volunteers said the draft plan, which has three volumes, failed to reference each other and that there were contradictions across the same.

Gautam Bhan of the Indian Institute of Human Settlements, said: “Giving 45 days for objections and suggestions is not fair. It is pivotal to understand that when citizens are ready to participate, the deadline should be extended. At least three to six months should be given…We have even written to the DDA…”

Issues pertaining to housing, transport, livelihood and public spaces were also raised by members of the campaign, among other aspects.

There should be mandatory reservation of public land for affordable housing and land-based reservations for EWS housings, said Mukta Nair of the Center for Policy Research, adding: “In the projection, they have not mentioned who the 34 lakh houses are for. How many are for the poor? Our demand is that a breakup of the same be given. Additionally, no government land has been committed for affordable housing…”

Kalpana Viswanath, founder of “My Safetipin”, highlighted the need for an emphasis on gender and safety in the plan.

“There should have been a separate chapter on gender. Streets have to be safe for women, children, disabled and transgenders. If we want to have a night time economy, then it has to be planned as to how it will also be gender friendly…,” she said.

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