Call to use digital facilities for treating cardiac ailments

World Heart Day observed in capital on Wednesday

Digital facilities should be used more for treating cardiac ailments, especially in COVID times, so that patients can access cardiac treatment with ease.

Cardiologists in the city who met here on Wednesday on the occasion of World Heart Day, said that innovative treatment methods rooted in technology can help reach medical care to people without delays.

Digital Health Platform, Telemedicine and online consultation should be popularised, to help people access care easily. In most developing nations, these digital facilities have come to the aid of cardiac patients during COVID.

Even during the pandemic, majority of deaths happening across nations were more due to heart attacks and stroke. Almost 80% of the cardiac ailments are amenable to cure, doctors said.

Cosmopolitan hospital in the city was one hospital which never allowed the pandemic to disrupt the cardiac care treatments it were offering. Primary angioplasty continued to be performed here for heart attack emergencies during the pandemic and doctors were willing to treat patients without waiting for COVID test results. This benefited many heart patients during the pandemic, doctors pointed out.

Digital means of offering care will continue even when the pandemic has abated, they said

Senior consultant cardiologists at Cosmopolitan hospital, George Koshy, Thomas Titus, R. Biju, R. Ajayakumar, P. Mangalanandan, B. Sunil and Aneesh John Padiyara took part in the press conference.

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