C.T. Ravi favours population control law

Taking a cue from proposed population control legislation in BJP-ruled Assam and Uttar Pradesh, party national general secretary C.T. Ravi batted for a similar law in the State as well.

“It’s high time Karnataka also brings in a new population policy on the lines of Assam and Uttar Pradesh to control its growing population. With limited natural resources available, it will be difficult to meet the needs of every citizen if there is a population explosion,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Opposing this, Anand G. of Banavasi Balaga said: “The Total Fertility Rate of Karnataka is 1.7, much below 2.1 to maintain the same population levels. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have TFR more than 3, much higher than the national TFR of 2.3. It will be ignorant of us to bring a population control legislation in Karnataka. BJP seems to be targeting minorities.”

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