Businessman arrested for forging ASI letter

Accused sold property for crores

A 49-year-old businessman was arrested for allegedly forging a letter bearing the name of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to sell his property located in Panchsheel Park, the police said on Wednesday.

The accused, Varun Krishan Vij, is a resident of Panchsheel Park. In 2012-13, he had started his consultancy firm. However, since the last seven-eight years, his business was not doing well and he wanted to sell his property in Panchsheel Park. He forged a No Objection Certificate issued by the ASI to sell the property, located 40.5 metres from a protected monument.

Joint Commissioner of Police (EOW) O.P. Mishra said a case was lodged against Mr. Vij on the complaint of Ajay Chaudhary, wherein he alleged that in 2011, he wanted to purchase a property in Panchsheel Park, during which the accused approached him.

After negotiations, Mr. Chaudhary noted that the property is in the vicinity of a protected monument.

“The accused produced a copy of letter dated February 2, 2012, issued by the ASI, confirming that the property is situated at a distance of 200.5 metres from the protected monument and said that the competent authority had directed him to submit an application for construction,” he said.

Mr. Chaudhary believed the accused and entered into an agreement to buy his property for ₹21.21 crore. In pursuance of this agreement, he paid a sum of ₹7.21 crore from his personal account and ₹1.10 crore from his company’s account. However, after receiving the payment, the accused did not transfer the property, the officer said.

As per the agreement, the sale deed was to be executed by April 2013, but the accused on one pretext or the other, did not execute the sale deed, he said.

When Mr. Chaudhary made enquires, he came to know that the said property was situated at a distance of 40.5 metres from the protected monument and the letter dated February 2, 2012 purportedly written by the competent authority was forged and fabricated, Mr. Mishra said.

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