Bid to play a trick on friends of CI

Alert police official brings the issue to higher authorities

Cyber offenders have created a fake account in the name of Jaggaiahpet Circle Inspector P. Chandrashekar on social media group and posted comments seeking money from friends.

Smelling something fishy, a few friends and well-wishers on Wednesday called up Mr. Chandrashekar and enquired about his health condition. The alert police officer responded and took the matter to the notice of the higher officials. He appealed to his friends and family members not to respond to the fake accounts and alerts.

“Some unidentified persons, created a fake account in the name of ‘Chandra Pulla’ and posted comments that my health condition is not good. My friends urged to send ₹10,000 and above. The account and the postings are false,” Mr. Chandrashekar clarified.


The CI in a selfie said the cyber offenders created an account in his name and were making efforts to get money. Stern action would be taken against the fraudsters, he warned.

Meanwhile, cyber experts said that hackers were creating fake accounts on various social media groups and were resorting to extortions. They appealed to the account holders to verify their accounts and change the passwords to prevent hacking.

“This is not the first case. Hackers are on the prowl. They have been creating fake accounts and resorting to crimes from unknown places. Officers, VIPs and celebrities are requested to check their accounts frequently and change their passwords to prevent hacking,” said an expert.

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