Bhaskar Colony residents desilt pond

They seek removal of compost pits created near the bunds of the waterbody

Bhaskar Colony Residents Welfare Association at Bhaskar Colony in Saligramam has made a representation to Greater Chennai Corporation seeking the removal of compost pits created near the bunds of a pond situated within a park at Vivekanandar Street in Ward 129. “Two compost pits have been created near the bunds. It is not advisable to have such pits near a waterbody. In the event of a heavy rainfall, water from this pond will overflow onto its bunds. I am a resident of this colony since 1984. And over these years, I have never seen this pond go dry; except for this summer. Every year, following the north-east monsoon, the pond would be found brimming with water,” says V. K. Murali, secretary of the Association.

A few days ago, the Association got the pond de-silted.

“The Corporation ignored our repeated requests that the pond be desilted. And so, we residents raised a sum of ₹.35,000 and hired a private agency to desilt the pond. We did this exercise with the permission of the Corporation. Last year, Corporation had plans to desilt the pond but for reasons unknown to us, the work was not done. We give utmost importance to the maintenance of the pond as it helps replenish the ground water table,” says Murali.

Twice or thrice in a year, residents clean the pond by removing the grass and shrubs.

The next clean-up drive will take palce in July. Those interested to volunteer may call V.K. Murali at 97909 21577.

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