Arsa Life Care Pvt Ltd, new entrant in Pharma sales, clinics & health care !!!

Arsa Life Care Private Limited and Claro Pharmaceuticals, We are in the business of sales & marketing of nutraceuticals products, Critical Care Injectables & Family Clinics, Speciality Clinics, Rehab Centres, Paediatric Products & many more to come.

‘’Spending on medicines” – a metric used to define the consumption of medicines in a country – is expected to grow at 9-15% over the next five years in India.

True to the vision of me and my entire team at ARSA & CLARO PHARMA, while we focus our energies on our business goals, we never lose sight of the fact that we are part of a larger ecosystem, and it is our duty and responsibility to give back to this system. We are focused on enabling and empowering, a more active philanthropic effort than simply writing a cheque.

We are working very hard on having an all-women sales team operating in the nutraceutical sector.

Our efforts to build a truly inclusive organization also extend to the differently-abled. We are working on taking steps to upgrade our infrastructure with features such as access ramps. Our business units have begun identifying roles to which differently-abled persons can be hired. Planned and structured efforts in this direction have begun for differently-abled employees contributing to our workforce.

The year ahead looks promising and we hope to sustain the momentum that we are carrying from FY 21 – 22. I am sure that we can count on your support to take our company to even greater heights in FY 22 – 23. I Thank you for your time & attention.
Let me introduce you all to something new, for the first time in India concept of manufacturing preventive medicines, let me introduce you to our nutraceuticals & their manufacturers. What is a nutraceutical product – it is a combination of natural extracts brought together in a specific technology for the benefit of a patient to prevent health related issues.

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