AP: First result is Narsapur and last is Rajahmundry rural

In another few minutes, the counting of the general elections 2019 will begin. There is a tense atmosphere among all the political parties and also politicians. Andhra Pradesh state has been the centre of headlines in this polls as Chandrababu Naidu declared a war against the BJP and widely campaigned against it. BJP also tried its best to woo Andhra voters as the state went for assembly and Lok Sabha polls simultaneously.

As per the counting process, West Godavari’s Narsapur constituency result will be out first and the last is Rajahmundry (Rural) constituency. In Narsapur, the number of rounds of counting is 13 and so the result might be out quicker than the rest while in Rajahmundry, there are a total of 256 polling booths. 37 rounds of counting will be done and so it will take time.

Also this time, postal ballot got polled in good number. For assembly, about 2,62,535 votes got polled while for the Parliament 2,40,664 votes got polled.

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