Another elephant arrives at rehabilitation centre

The Elephant Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre at M.R. Palayam has received one more captive elephant.

A truck carrying Indira from Virudhunagar reached the centre on Monday. It is the second elephant to be shifted to M.R. Palayam within two days. Rohini, a 26-year-old elephant from Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) was brought on Sunday. With this, the number of elephants under rehabilitation at ERRC has gone up to eight.

Indira, which was maintained and nurtured by Animal Care Trust in Rajapalayam, was said to be suffering from lumpiness due to foot rot in both hind limbs. It could not bear its body weight and found it difficult to stand.

Though the animal was under treatment for a long time, it showed little progress. After studying various aspects of its health condition and field inspection by forest personnel in Virudhunagar district, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wild life Warden Shekhar Kumar Niraj issued an order to shift the pachyderm to ERRC at M.R. Palayam.

G. Kiran, District Forest Officer, Tiruchi, told The Hindu that Indira had started mingling with other elephants and was behaving well. A forest veterinarian, who accompanied Rohini from ATR, examined the animal.

R. Saravana Kumar, Forest Ranger, said the elephant was under close observation. A special diet schedule was being followed for the animal. Preliminary observation showed that it had adjusted to its new environment.

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