Anasuya's electric saree look goes viral

Anasuya Bharadwaj is one of the glamorous anchors we have in the Telugu States. She is also one of the highest-paid anchors after Suma. Anasuya is hosting comedy Jabardasth and she will be seen in the other couple of shows as well.

She is now getting busy in Tollywood. Anasuya is getting more offers. She has been very selective.

Though Anasuya is a mother of two children, the anchor has been sensuous on most occasions and doesn’t hinder her to do glamour shoots. Her regular photoshoots are a testimony to that. Recently Anasuya Bharadwaj was seen in a black saree and golden color blouse.

Though it is a saree, Anasuya knows how to grab the attention. Her glamour is electrifying and magnetic. These pics are going viral now. The hot anchor will next be seen in Ranga Marthanda.

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