An initiative to improve the city’s green cover

Thuvakkam is looking for spaces where new saplings can be planted and nurtured

With Greater Chennai Corporation’s support, Thuvakkam has chalked up an ambitious plan of planting one lakh trees in Chennai over the new few years. To enable this mission possible, the NGO is looking for spaces where the saplings could be planted.

It is inviting the managements of schools and colleges and other organisations within the city limits that would like to partner with them for this no-cost project. Thuvakkam has so far created 10 urban forests within the city limits and is planning more.

These places should have a compound wall and water facility.

Aritharan K, project associate, Thuvakkam, said they were looking for space where a minimum of 15 trees could be grown. “We will be taking care of these spaces for a period of one year, during which time our volunteers will pay a monthly visit and decide on the native species that can be planted and also nurture them,” says Aritharan. Chennai-based Thuvakkam works in the area of education, environment and humanity.

For details, call Sirajudeen at 7845590790 or Aritharan at 8760132327

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