After autos, now oxygen bikes to go to patients' residence itself

After their oxygen autos saved several lives and came to the rescue of 400 persons in the city, an NGO in North Chennai, Kadamai Education and Social Welfare Trust, has now begun operating oxygen bikes.

Ten bikes fitted with 10 litre oxygen cylinders, which will be available in and around north Chennai, will head to the residence of a COVID-19 patient in need of oxygen cylinders.

C. Vasantha Kumar, founder of the trust says, earlier when they started the auto ambulances, they would get nearly 200 calls a day but now, with a significant decrease in the number of cases, the calls too have dropped quite a bit.

"Now, we have seen people also don’t need to wait for way too long to get ambulances. Yet, we launched this service because there are many who want oxygen support even after getting discharged from hospital. So, we deliver and refill for them before they reach home from the hospital," he says.

Apart from this, there are also many, who have been at home and want to get hospitalised but have to wait for a few hours for it; in such cases, when they get a call, a bike with oxygen cylinder will reach within 10-15 minutes to provide support until they reach a hospital.

"We are prepared to go to any part of the city if there are many bikes available. But if there are only limited bikes, then we can cater to only north Chennai. We want to help those in need at the earliest; that’s our priority now," he added.

For people who are in need of these bikes can contact: 9003112322/ 9840218142.

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