Accept Positive Criticism: Loksatta hits back KCR

The other day Telangana CM KCR criticized Lok Satta President Jayaprakash Narayan who questioned on Kaleshwaram project’s electricity bill. KCR said what does JP knows about Telangana and he is a person who has opposed the separate statehood. In counter, Lok Satta has raised objections over KCR’s comments and added that the Telangana CM should come up with clarifications instead of personal attacks.

“About 38 years back, JP had been to Kaleshwaram and spent nearly a month. In fact JP got trained in Karimnagar district. Not just on Kaleshwaram, JP has questioned on every issue pertaining to farmers of Telangana. Be it the Kaleshwaram or Chevella-Pranahita project. If we go back, KCR had supported JP’s arguments on Chevella-Pranahita project. Not just on this, even on 14F issue, JP was the only politician then who spoke factual information when then the government has called for all-party meeting. JP and Lok Satta criticizes government on issue basis but not politically targeting an individual,” said Lok Satta.

Further, the party said, JP has backed the new Municipal Bill that KCR had proposed in the Telangana assembly few days back. Also JP appreciated KCR for maintaining normalcy in Hyderabad after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and cited the example of Hyderabad Metro. “When the separate state was yet to be formed, KCR said he would bulldoze the metro. But under his governance, the metro was launched and is successfully running. At the same time, JP also found fault at government’s lavish spending with tax payers money,” stated Lok Satta.

Advising the TRS government to welcome positive criticism, Lok Satta said personal remarks would yield nothing and the government should be ready for an open debate, if they want to defend themselves on Kaleshwaram project.

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