‘A common worker can reach high positions in the BJP’

“The BJP is a party where a common Karyakartha (party worker) can achieve higher party positions only due to dedicated hard work. But that is not so in the Congress. Congress leaders are born and not made. That is the essential difference between the two political parties,” Union Minister Pralhad Joshi said in Hubballi on Sunday.

He was speaking at an event to felicitate party workers who won gram panchayat polls.

“I have seen Congress leaders distributing sweets on the birth of Priyanka Gandhi’s son as the birth of their new leader. A few years ago, I witnessed this incident in Durgad Bail in Hubballi. When I asked the local Congress leaders, they said that they were celebrating Priyanka Gandhi being delivered of a baby boy. That is how they celebrate. That is why I say that in the BJP, you fight on the street and become a leader. But in the Congress, when two leaders meet and go into a room, a new leader is created,’’ he said.

He also criticised Rahul Gandhi for being negligent about his duties as an Opposition leader. “Rahul Gandhi leaves the country whenever he feels like it. He tweets and runs away on foreign tours,” Mr. Joshi said.

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