Week-long Gita Mahotsav begins in Kurukshetra

Himachal Pradesh chief minister (CM) Jai Ram Thakur inaugurated the International Gita Mahotsav at Haryana’s Kurukshetra on Monday.

In view of the pandemic, the celebrations are expected to be subdued this time. While earlier, the extravaganza used to continue throughout the month, this time the celebrations will last for only a week. The government has also banned gatherings near the Brahma Sarovar, where the main events are to be held. However, all programmes will be livecast for the benefit of devotees.

While inaugurating the event the Himachal CM said, “Gita is not merely a book, it is a treasure source of knowledge about life and a medium to learn the art of living.Gita teaches us how to counter stress, indecision and lack of happiness caused by the glitter of modern life based on materialism and mad-race for money. It also teaches us how to rightly conduct ourselves in different contexts of life.”

Haryana governor Satyadeo Narain Arya, who presided over the ceremony virtually, said, “The message of Lord Krishna delivered in Bhagwad Gita is about selfless action which is the base of all-round growth and welfare of humans, society and the entire world.”

Main events to look forward to:

Recitation of Gita verses in Jyotisar: December 21 to 26

Sant Seminar at Kurukshetra University: December 24, 2020.

Global chanting of mantras: December 25, 2020

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