‘We have been struggling with basic facilities for more than 10 yrs’

Wagholi is one of the highest populated and most urbanised areas of the 23 village areas being included in the PMC limits. Sanjivkumar Patil, director, Wagholi Housing Societies Association, tells Siddharth Gadkari why merger with the PMC is long overdue

Why was the Wagholi Housing Societies Association formed in the first place?

We formed the association in the wake of popular sentiment coming from residents of housing societies to drive the solitary aim of “Making Wagholi a better place to live”; also, to seek better coordination between authorities and residents and encourage office accountability.

Does Wagholi get all the basic facilities now?

No. We were hoping that the local authority will provide us with basic facilities, but, it was not done.

There is development of some internal roads.

We are purchasing tanker water as there is no other alternative. We have to pay private agencies to clear our sewage. There is no proper garbage collection and disposable system.

We have invested our saving to purchase a house.

And we have been struggling with these basic facilities for more than 10 years.

Why do you think this is so? Can something be done about it?

There is something wrong with the system. It is possibly inadequate to cope with the growing needs and infrastructure demands. I settled down in Wagholi village a decade ago.

The population is now two lakh. We are demanding that this village be included in the PMC as the gram panchayat has absolutely failed to cater to the basic needs of the residents. We want a strong civic body, with reasonability and accountability. It may be the Pune corporation, or PMRDA.

I think, Pune corporation is the only choice for us. After inclusion, we will get what we want for our area’s development.

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