Water shortage forces Dhayari residents to protest on the streets

Demanding improvement in water supply residents of various housing societies in Dhayari, Sinhgad road staged a protest (handa morcha) on Monday which was led by Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders Kaka Chavan and Rupali Chankankar.

Last week, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), took action against water taker owners in Dhayari who were illegally lifting water from the canals. This lead to a decrease in the number of water tankers in the area. Hence, the residents are facing water shortage.

The NCP leaders along with various residents appealed to the PMC officers to lay new water pipelines in the area. They appealed to the PMC, to supply water, through water tankers in the mean time.

Residents claimed that there is water shortage in the city and PMC announced additional water cuts owing to less water stock in the dams. Residents threated to damage the water pipeline in Warje if the PMC fails to regulate water supply.

Chavan said, “Residents do not support water tanker lobby. If the water tanker owners are operating illegally the PMC should take strict action. However, the PMC should also take care that, residents get enough water supply.”

First Published:
May 21, 2019 16:30 IST

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