Two glasses, a pack of cigarettes that hold clue to three murders

Two glasses half-filled with alcohol, a packet of cigarettes, some leftover food, missing cellphones and recordings of CCTV cameras may hold clues for the police in cracking the triple murder case of a couple in their late 70s and their 20-year-old nursing attendant, whose bodies were found in the Vasant Apartments’ flat on Sunday morning.

The police suspect that the killer/s may have had a friendly entry into the couple’s first floor flat.

The police suspect that the nursing attendant, Khushbu Nautiyal, may have unknowingly let a ‘friend’ or a ‘known person’ inside the house without realising that her act could prove fatal.

“The glasses, with some alcohol in them, were found on a small round table in the dining room where Nautiyal’s body was found on the floor with blood around it. Prima facie, it appears that the suspect had consumed alcohol. Who had the drink or who served the drink is a matter of probe,” said a senior police officer privy to the probe.

He added that the police teams were working on at least three different theories pertaining to the killings.

The police said that the glasses and the cigarette packet found on the table have been sent to the forensics lab to find if there were traces of fingerprints on them. Of the two plastic glasses kept around the table, one appeared to be untouched.

“One chair in the room was pointing towards Nautiyal’s body, which suggests that the suspect was sitting on it while drinking alcohol and she was sitting on the floor when she was stabbed. Nautiyal’s body was lying upside down. There were some cigarette butts and leftover food on the table as well,” the officer said.

Investigators suspect that the killer/s had either come with a plan to kill or he/she might have stabbed Nautiyal in a fit of rage following an argument.

“There is a possibility that the killer murdered the couple to avoid getting caught by the police for killing Nautiyal. In that case, the couple must have seen the suspect come and he/she may have feared that they would identify him/her later,” said an investigator, who wished not to be identified.

The couple – Vishnu Mathur and Shashi Mathur — had lost their son in a road accident in 1999.

The couple started living alone after the marriage of their daughter.

Police have learnt that the couple wanted to gift their flat to a relative. Police are probing if the murder is a result of property dispute but are yet to find any evidence to support this.

During the probe, the investigating team spoke to the couple’s daughter and her husband, who live in south Delhi’s East of Kailash. The daughter told them that she had last spoken to her parents around 8.30pm on Saturday over a video call.

“The video chat happened on Nautiyal’s cellphone. We are collecting the call detail records (CDR) of all the missing mobiles. An analysis of Nautiyal’s call details will help us ascertain if more calls were made between 8.30pm and 9am on Sunday when the murders were discovered,” the investigator said.

Police said that the blood found around Nautiyal’s body suggested that the murders
were committed around midnight.

They said the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the neighbourhood are being scanned for clues regarding the suspect.

“There are around 25 CCTV cameras installed in our society which has 288 flats and three entry-exit gates. Though no camera is installed outside the building where the crime took place, the police have obtained the digital video recorders of at least eight cameras which they said would help them in their probe. A few people from our colony were summoned by the police for questioning,” said Sharad Parmar, a neighbour. Vibha Shrivastava, a relative, told media persons that the couple’s daughter and son-in-law visited them at least three times in a week.

First Published:
Jun 24, 2019 04:42 IST

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