Tigress dies in Corbett, second tiger death in reserve this month

A tigress, aged three to four years, died in Corbett Tiger Reserve’s Dhela zone on Monday, forest officials said.

Sanjeev Chaturvedi, officiating field director of Corbett Tiger Reserve, said lower spine of the tigress had been injured during infighting with another tiger. He said the tigress had been moving near human habitations since May 23. “Forest officials were keeping a tab on its movements and trying to chase it away from the human habitations. It was very irritated and even attacked a ranger on Sunday,” he said.

Chaturvedi said field staff had suggested tranquilising the tigress, but the administration didn’t go for the option given the fragile condition of the tigress.

Chaturvedi said the tigress succumbed to its injuries. “Its post mortem is being conducted which will give a detailed account of the exact cause of its death.”

Chaturvedi said the tiger had injury marks on its lower back which made it apparent that it received them during infighting with another tiger. “I visited the spot and inspected the tigress.”

This is the second tiger death in Corbett landscape this month and third this year. On May 3, carcass of a male adult tiger was found in Corbett’s Bijrani zone; forest officials said it died due to injuries received in infighting with another male tiger.

In January this year carcass of a tiger was found in Corbett under a culvert in Ringoda stream. In February, the carcass of a tigress was found in the forests of Terai Central forest division in Nainital, with officials saying the tigress died of old age or from some ailment.

Last year in January, a tiger death was reported from Nainital district’s Ramnagar Forest Division. In April last year, the carcass of a tiger was found in Surpudali range of Corbett Tiger Reserve. In May last year, a tigress wasfound dead in the forests of Almora district.

Tiger population has increased in Corbett over the years, with estimates that there are 215 tigers within CTR. Corbett has one of the highest tiger densities in the world. While Ramnagar Forest Division around Corbett has over 14 tigers per 100 square km, Corbett has 9.4 tigers/100 sq km.

First Published:
May 28, 2019 15:07 IST

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