SMC appeals to Muslim leaders: Raise awareness among people

Sources in the health department in SMC said that out of 1.60 lakh people who had the taken vaccine only 0.2 per cent were from the Muslim community.

With many from Muslim community not turning up to take the Covid-19 vaccine, the health department officials of the Surat Municipal Corporation carried out a meeting with the community leaders at Memon hall at Chowk Bazaar on March 18 night.

The maulvis of different mosques in Surat, during the afternoon prayers on Friday, appealed to the people of Muslim community to get the first and second doses of the vaccine before and after holy month of Ramzan, which starts from April

Sources in the health department in SMC said that out of 1.60 lakh people who had the taken vaccine only 0.2 per cent were from the Muslim community.

The meeting on March 18 was attended by several clerics along with leaders of Muslim community and other social and political leaders. Several issues were raised during the meeting about spread of fake news regarding the vaccine, which was clarified by the health department officials. The health and police department officials requested the leaders to spread awareness among the people of the community regarding vaccine. Muslim leader Kadir Peerzada who also attended the meeting said, “I have also got myself vaccinated and there is no side effects. We have intimated the Muslim youths in residential societies in Surat city to take the elderly people to the health centres were vaccine is given. ”

On Friday, several Maulvis who were above 65-year-old also got themselves vaccinated in the health centres. They also made video appealing to people from the community to get vaccinated.

In one such video, which had gone viral, chief of Mufti of Darul Uloom Ashrafiya, Rander and vice president of Surat city Chand Committee Mufti Kalim Saab said, “I also got vaccinated … I have appealed to the Muslim community people in Surat to get vaccine doses before and after holy month of Ramzan.”

Doctors’ body to help in Vadodara

In Vadodara, Covid-19 vaccination drive among the Muslim community has posed a challenge that has been easier to overcome with the help of the Baroda Muslim Doctors Association (BMDA), which has been working with the administration since the outbreak of the pandemic in March last year to bridge the gap.

Although members of the Muslim community, who understand the importance of the vaccine have come forth and taken the jab, the administration is relying on centres run by Muslim trusts to instill the confidence among the rest.

Dr Mohammed Hussain, President of BMDA, has just received the approval to start a vaccination centre in his private hospital Dr Hussain said, “There is a general sense of mistrust among the community for vaccinations. The Covid19 vaccination is no different. The best way to eliminate the suspicion among the people is to lead by example.”

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