Scrap dealer arrested for multiple thefts in Faridabad

Police said that the accused did the robberies to support his addiction.

A scrap dealer involved in at least eight cases of theft, who was using his business to sell the stolen goods, has been arrested by police in Faridabad.

According to the police, the accused, Salman, hails from Uttar Pradesh and was living on rent in Faridabad. He was arrested when personnel patrolling the city on Thursday night noticed unusual behaviour on his part. Upon spotting the cop car, he tried to hide in the shadows and increased the pace of his walk, arousing suspicion on part of the police. When the personnel called out to him to stop him, he ran into a house and locked the door from inside. However, he was eventually arrested.

“During questioning, it has emerged that the accused has been involved in eight incidents, regarding which cases are registered against him in different police stations in the district. A total of Rs 72,000, two ceiling fans, and two gas cylinders have been seized from him,” Sube Singh, PRO of Faridabad Police, said

Officials said that the accused has been a drug addict from a “young age”. Earlier, he would earn money for his drugs by working as a labourer, but when he stopped getting work, he joined a “gang of thieves” to make money.

“Later, he started working as a scrap dealer. He would get rid of the stolen items by selling them as scrap,” Singh added.

Officials said that the accused had been produced in court and sent to judicial custody.

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