Road accidents claim 1 life every day in Ludhiana: NGO

One person dies every day in road accidents in the district, according to figures released by a city-based NGO working on road safety.

The NGO further revealed that over 1,100 people have lost their lives in road accidents in the last three years. Besides overspeeding and other causes, 92 black spots are also contributing significantly to the rising road mishaps, said Kamal Soi, chairman of NGO Raahat, the Safe Community Foundation.

“Every year, more than 350 people die in road accidents and more than 600 get severely injured. The fatality rate is as high as 69% making Ludhiana one of the most dangerous cities in the country,” said Soi.

Although there are various reasons for this high fatality rate, the presence of 92 black spots is one of the main reasons, he said while adding that this can easily be improved with little effort.

“Poor road infrastructure is claiming several lives in the district. Apart from just separating the traffic, no effort has been made for the safety of commuters on Jagraon and Gill flyover,” said Soi.

He enunciated that speed is the single biggest factor contributing to road accident deaths in the country and more particularly in Ludhiana. “Over 40% of fatal collisions are caused by excessive or inappropriate speed. We don’t have any mechanism to enforce speed limits in the district. People drive recklessly endangering their own as well as lives of others,” he added.


NGO Raahat and Global Society of Safety Professionals (GSHP) will undertake the following activities under Mission Safe Ludhiana from December 2020-March 2021

Involvement of all stakeholders such as administration, civic authorities, police, politicians, press, transport department, public and judiciary.

HSRP number plate affixation and monitoring for effective enforcement to reduce crimes and instill a fear of being caught

Scientific enforcement based on violations

Safe School Vahan Policy

Police station wise monitoring of road accidents, deaths and traffic jams

Road safety audits and repairing potholes

Black spot management

Commercial vehicle testing for fitness and roadworthiness

Condition of roads, road cuts, traffic lights, potholes and ongoing projects

Emergency medical services

VTS/ GPS in public service vehicles for the safety of women and children in distress.

National-level road safety conference in March next year

Yearly Road Safety Award for enforcement, education, engineering, individual and NGO category.

Media briefing every month for activities undertaken

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