Pune resident holds heart health awareness session at mother’s condolence meet

Sunil Mane said: "Many family members, friends, relatives and well-wishers come for ‘shraddhanjali’ programme but even if 10 people are educated on these health issues, it is a real tribute to the departed soul."

It was a condolence meet that highlighted how to maintain a healthy heart and laid emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“There is no age bar for a heart attack; it can happen to anybody as young as 20 years old. Recent data shows that people in the age group of 30 to 40 years are more prone to heart-related issues. Poor food habits and an unhealthy lifestyle are the main reasons of increasing cases of heart ailments. Keeping blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol under control is the key to a healthy heart. Staying away from oily food, regular exercise, especially aerobic exercises such as running and jogging, and staying away from alcohol and other addictive substances directly benefits your heart. Those with a family history of heart disease should be more careful and go in for regular check-ups,” said Dr Ishwar Zanwar.

He was speaking on ‘How to maintain a healthy heart’ at the condolence meet of Hirabai Mane, who died of a massive heart attack recently. Sunil Mane, president of Catalyst Foundation and Hirabai’s son, took the initiative to turn his mother’s condolence meet into an event to raise awareness on healthy living.

Dr Zanwar spoke on the first signs and symptoms of a heart attack and the immediate measures that should be taken at home.

“Once you reach the age of 40, a complete body check-up and stress test should be done without fail. In some cases, the symptoms may be similar to acidity but the patient should look for any unusual symptoms that have never happened before. Pain in the shoulders while walking could be a symptom of a heart attack. Anybody who is detected with diabetes should take care, considering it a heart ailment. Diabetes leads to low pain reception and understanding a heart attack then becomes difficult. Regular visits to the doctor and following instructions are a must,” he added.

Sunil Mane said, “We realised that there was a need to raise such awareness on life-threatening diseases as many of us are unaware about what to do when an emergency strikes. Many family members, friends, relatives and well-wishers come for ‘shraddhanjali’ programme but even if 10 people are educated, it is a real tribute to the departed soul.”

A special programme based on the theme of ‘Mother’ was also presented by Milind Kulkarni. Pune MP Girish Bapat, senior IPS officer Ashok Dhiware, BJP MLA Laxman Jagtap, Deputy Mayor Siddharth Dhende, Pune Municipal City Improvement Committee chairman Amol Balwadkar, corporators Umesh Gaikwad, Deepak Pote, Dilip Vede Patil, Kiran Dagade Patil, Ajay Khedekar, Ujjwal Keskar, Jayant Yerwadekar among others visited and paid tributes.

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