Pune: Elderly woman duped of Rs 2 lakh on knee treatment pretext

The fraudster told the woman that he would charge Rs 3,200 for each time he draws fluid from her knee to heal her pain

A 65-year-old woman has been allegedly duped of Rs 2 lakh by a man, posed as a Unani doctor, and his assistant on the pretext of knee treatment, police said. The man recently visited the woman, who was suffering from severe knee pain, at her house at Sea Lord building in Cuffe Parade and pretended to have removed fluid from her knee.

The Mumbai police said a case was registered under relevant sections of the IPC on Friday after the woman reported the matter to the Cuffe Parade police station.

The police informed that on December 24, the woman was taking a stroll in the Gowalia Tank area when she was approached by a man who had noticed her limping. The man introduced himself as Vinod Goyal and asked her about her knee pain. Goyal then told the woman that his mother had been going through similar condition and HF Malik, a Thane-based doctor, treated her knee.

The woman, who has been suffering from acute knee pain for past 15 years, took Dr Malik’s number from Goyal and called him the next day. The man, who claimed to be a Unani doctor, told the woman that he was going to visit a patient at Sea Lord building in Cuffe Parade. The woman then requested him to visit her as she stayed in the same building.

On December 25, Malik and his assistant went to her apartment around 11.30am. Her husband and their maid were also present that time, the police added.

Malik examined the woman’s right knee and told her that it requires immediate treatment. As the woman agreed, he took out a cannula-shaped object and a pipe from his bag.

“They attached the cannula-shaped object with the pipe, inserted its sharp end in her knee and put the other end in his mouth. Malik then claimed to have drawn some sticky substance out of her knee and spat it in a bowl,” said an investigator.

The fraudster then claimed that the substance had been causing pain in her knee. “He told her that if they manage to remove the sticky substance fully, her knee would be healed,” the investigator added.

The complainant fell for the scam and asked him to go ahead with the treatment. Malik told the woman that he charges Rs 3,200 for each time he draws fluid from her knee.

“After an hour, Malik told her that he removed the entire fluid and asked her to pay Rs 3.72 lakh,” an officer said.

When the woman told him that she did not have that much cash at home, the accused took out a debit card-swiping machine and told her that he would take Rs 2 lakh for now and come back later for the remaining amount.

The fraud came to light soon after the woman realised that she did not get any relief from her knee pain. She tried contacting Malik but his phone remained switched off. The woman then consulted her friends and eventually approached the Cuffe Parade police station.

The police said that they are trying to trace the culprits through the call data record of the mobile from which they had contacted the woman.

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