Portion of Mumbra bypass caves in, hits traffic

A small portion of Mumbra bypass road caved in on Sunday, affecting traffic on the Kalyan-bound road.

Regional Disaster Management Cell officials barricaded the spot after the incident.

“The three-foot-deep hole has exposed the iron rods on the road. The concrete layer has been washed away, leading to caving in of a portion of the road,” said a traffic officer from Mumbra.

“We have informed the public works department (PWD) about the cave-in on the lane towards Kalyan side. The spot is 200m from Retibunder, Mumbra. Officials have said they would repair the road soon. Till then, the spot will be barricaded,” said the officer.

The 7-km-long stretch (Mumbra bypass) from Retibunder to Y junction has undergone repair work last year. The road is filled with potholes.

Motorists have been complaining about the pathetic road for years. Light showers on Sunday worsened the road’s condition.

“We have written to the authorities, including PWD, many times since 2008 about the poor condition of the road. The bypass has been repaired several times. Till now, around ₹20 crore has been spent on the repair work. Recently, it was repaired at a cost of ₹8 crore. But, the road is still in a bad condition,” said Arif Iraqi, 44, a citizens’ activist from Mumbra.

The PWD officials did not answer the phone.

Mumbra bypass is one of the major connectivity from Thane to Diva, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai. Every day, around 15,000 containers and thousands of light vehicles pass through Mumbra bypass.

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