Over 98% Covid beds now empty in Haryana

As of Sunday, Haryana had recorded 7,69,942 cases and 9,638 fatalities.

As Haryana continues to record a decline in new cases of Covid-19 infections, the availability of beds in hospitals for the patients infected by the deadly virus has risen to more than 98 per cent.

According to the state health department’s figures, of the total 13,668 non-oxygen beds, only 21 (0.15 per cent) are occupied. Similarly, of the total 13,777 Oxygen beds (other than ICU), 147 (1.07 per cent) are occupied. The state also has 3,572 oxygen beds (in ICU) out of which 273 (7.64 per cent) are occupied and while only 40 (or 2.55 per cent) of the total 1,566 ventilators are occupied.

As of Sunday, Haryana had recorded 7,69,942 cases and 9,638 fatalities. As per the health department, till July 29, 10 per cent of the patients had experienced prolonged illness including anxiety, fatigue, dysfunctional breathing, post-viral cough, PTSD and cognitive impairment and management of oxygen requirements.

Gurgaon continued to remain the worst affected district in the second wave (since March 1, 2021) with a positivity rate of 10.29 per cent (121,886 cases), followed by Faridabad at 10.02 per cent (53,280 cases), Hisar (8.25 per cent and 36,825 cases), Sonipat (7.27 per cent and 32,279 cases), Karnal (7.20 per cent and 28,514 cases), Sirsa (6.80 per cent and 21,158 cases), and Panipat (8.83 per cent and 20,242 cases).

Gurgaon continued to top the positivity rate even during the last 10 days. It recorded highest 0.23 per cent, followed by Karnal (0.18 per cent) and Hisar (0.12 per cent), while the state’s overall positivity rate was 0.12 per cent.
Haryana also has reported 1,708 mucormycosis (black fungus) cases with Rohtak recording maximum 431 cases, followed by Hisar (396), Gurgaon (350), Faridabad (150) and Karnal (124).

The state has total of 1070 facilities to treat Covid-19 patients and includes 56 dedicated Covid hospitals, 517 dedicated Covid health centre and 497 dedicated Covid care centres.

Apprehending a likely third wave, the state has increased the Oxygen beds capacity to 12,03 in Faridabad, 1,674 in Gurgaon, 504 in Jhajjar and 239 in Rohtak. Two 500-bed makeshift hospitals each in Hisar and Panipat have also been set up.

In the first wave, Haryana achieved peak on November 20, 2020 recording 3,104 new cases, 25 deaths and a daily positivity rate of 9.69 per cent. In the second wave, it hit the peak on May 4 recording 15,786 cases, 153 fatalities and a daily positivity rate of 26.59 per cent.

The state, meanwhile, has ramped up the vaccination drive. As on July 29, Haryana had 7.14 lakh vaccine doses (81250 of Covaxin and 632962 of Covishield) available. By that day, over 91.20 lakh people had received first dose of the vaccine and over 23.94 lakh the second dose.

Out of over 19.56 lakh (above 60 year old) who received first dose, over 9.17 lakh have so far received their second dose too. Similarly, in the category of 45 to 60 years old, out of 22.57 lakh who got the first dose, over 8.30 lakh have received the second dose too. In the age group of 18 to 44, out of 44.13 lakh who received the first dose, 2.97 lakh have got the second shot too.

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