Minor among 3 held for two armed robberies in Nigdi

PUNE A minor is among three held by the Pimpri-Chinchwad police for committing two armed robberies in Nigdi within a span of 15 minutes, late on Saturday night.

The minor is a 17-year-old boy, according to police. The two adults have been identified as Mustakh Majid Shaikh (32), a resident of Dalvinagar in Akurdi, and Imtiaz Mushtak Shaikh (25), a resident of Fatima Masjid area, Ota Scheme.

In one case, the victim was Riyas Kasim Halyal (28), owner of a meat shop in Nigdi; while the other victim was identified as Nafiz Saleem Shaikh (36), a resident of Ota Scheme in Nigdi, according to police.

The meat shop owner was near Ankush chowk in Nigdi to make a business-related payment when the three rushed towards him and started manhandling him, according to his complaint.

While the 25-year-old accused threatened the meat shop owner with a sickle, the minor boy pulled at his shirt pocket and robbed him of Rs 6,430 in cash and a phone worth Rs 10,000.

The three then headed towards a tempo, owned by the second victim, that was standing nearby. They broke the glass of the tempo with the help of a rod and threatened Shaikh with the sickle as he tried to approach them.

The three then broke open the dashboard of the tempo and robbed the driver of Rs 3,000 cash that was in it, according to his complaint.

Two separate cases, both under Section 394 of Indina Penal Code along with Section 4(25) of Arms act, Section 37(1)(3) of Maharashtra Police Act, and Sections 3, and 7 of Criminal Law Amendment have been registered at Nigdi police station.

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