Minister Satej Patil urges industry to provide inputs for better formulation of IT policy for Maharashtra

Responding positively to suggestions put forth by industrialist Anand Deshpande, Patil tweeted that the state is planning to set up well-equipped nodal centres for the industry

Minister of State for IT and Home Satej Patil has urged industry associations including NASSCOM and Software Export Association Pune (SEAP) to help the state government create a district-wise database for better formulation of the IT policies conceived by the Maharashtra government.

Responding positively to suggestions put forth by industrialist Anand Deshpande, Patil tweeted that the state government is planning to start well-equipped nodal centres and welcomed ideas for their better implementation.

“I totally agree with the views. We are trying our best to promote IT in Tier 2 and 3 cities. I appeal to @nasscom & @The SEAP to help us in creating district-wise databases as suggested by @anandesh so that we can prepare better policies,” the tweet said.

Deshpande had suggested that the state develop tier-2 and tier-3 cities and towns in such a way that they attract employees to work from there even when they are under work-from-home mandate. He had also asked the government to ensure that employees working for leading IT firms should get facilities in these smaller towns and cities comparable to those available in the cities of their corporate offices.

Welcoming the ideas, Patil further tweeted: “We are also planning to start Govt run well-equipped Nodal centers where IT employees can come and work for their respective companies. All ideas are welcome in this regard.”

The minister had recently announced that the Maharashtra government was chalking out a policy focusing on the development of tier-2 and 3 cities to attract IT companies. “Mumbai and Pune have been leading in the IT sector and have been saturated due to migration to these cities. We now want to take this progress to tier-2 and 3 cities like Nagpur, Satara, Amaravati, Latur, Nanded and others by giving incentives to industries… through a separate IT policy,” he had said.

NASSCOM and SEAP have applauded the move. Tweeting from its official handle, NASSCOM said, “Thank you for mentioning us here Hon’ble Shri @satejp. We are constantly working towards incorporating the same. With #hybridwork systems becoming a reality, our focus lies on ensuring equitable collaboration & access for all, regardless of location.”

Vice-president of SEAP Vidyadhar Purandare too hailed the focus on smaller cities. “As rightly highlighted by the minister and various leaders, the focus should be on tier-2 and 3 cities taking the growth forward. This has to be in addition to enhancing infrastructure at existing IT hubs, to make them more attractive. SEAP would be happy to work closely with the state government under the guidance of Industries Minister Subhashji Desai and Minister of State for IT Shri Satejji for effective implementation of the proposed IT policy. A nodal agency to collect and collate data points is the need of the hour,” he said.

Purandare highlighted that the upcoming policy can be a gamechanger if implemented effectively with all stakeholders, including central and state governments, local and trade associations, working closely together.

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