Mayur Vihar murders: Can’t believe Rajiv could kill, say relatives

Relatives of 60-year-old builder Rajiv Sunda, who hacked four of his family members to death at his Mayur Vihar residence on Tuesday, are in utter disbelief.

They are yet to come to terms with the fact that an old and frail man committed such a heinous crime.

As per the police, prima facie evidence indicated that Rajiv had killed his wife Sunita Sunda, 58; son Ashish Sunda, 35; daughter-in-law Garima Sunda, 32; and grandson Suchet, 12.

Expressing shock over the deaths, Rajesh Kumar, brother-in-law of the accused, said, “A man of short stature, Rajiv appeared to be harmless. My sister Sunita was married to him for 36 years. Due to Rajiv’s introvert personality and rude behaviour, all his relatives used to stay away from him. I used to visit them occasionally, but could not imagine that he could end up killing his family in such a brutal manner.”

He said that Rajiv Sunda was born in an affluent family in Jharkhand. The only brother of four sisters, Rajiv completed his graduation from Kolkata.

After facing losses in business, his family moved to Ludhiana. Rajiv’s sisters are married in Ludhiana in well-off families as well, Rajesh said.

“Rajiv had enough money to run the house. It is difficult to speculate that any financial constraint would have driven him to take such a step,” he added.

“He brought toys worth over ₹10,000 for his grandsons once he went out to shop with me,” said Ashok Kumar, father of Garima, who is facing allegation of abetment to suicide as per the note left by Rajiv.

‘My family suffered double blow’

Ashok said it was on October 13 that he lost his wife Anita to a sudden cardiac arrest. “We were recovering from the shock and this happened. Garima was looking after us. She used to visit us and cook food for me and my son Gaurav. On Monday, she prepared meal that could last four days and told me that her father-in-law was objecting to her frequent visits. I left her at a distance from the house, unaware of the fact that it could be the last time I saw her,” lamented Ashok Kumar. He said there used to be skirmishes in the family, but he had never imagined that if would turn fatal.

‘Rajiv turned religious recently’

Ashok said that while Ashish, who had invested money in the share market, and his mother Sunita were religious, Rajiv had started taking keen interest in worshipping recently.

Meanwhile, the relatives gathered at the civil hospital mortuary expressed regret over the death of Suchet. Ashok remembered him as a beautiful child with an infectious smile.

Suchet used to study in Class 7 at a Civil Lines school.

“Even Rajiv loved his grandson a lot. I wonder how he would have mustered the courage to take the lives of his son, wife and grandson. Suchet called us around 6am and told us that a fight had ensued at their house. We assumed it to be a routine affair. Had I reached there in time, I could have saved them,” Ashok said as he broke into tears.

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