Kamal Nath says Madhya Pradesh hiding toll, govt says don’t politicise

He said India has become the “Covid-19 and black fungus capital” of the world.

Madhya Pradesh Leader of Opposition Kamal Nath has accused the state BJP government of vastly undercounting the deaths of Covid-19 victims, claiming nearly one lakh people had died from the infection in March and April across all 52 districts. He said India has become the “Covid-19 and black fungus capital” of the world.

Nath said Madhya Pradesh recorded a total of 1.27 lakh deaths in March and April and that Covid-19 deaths made up nearly 80 per cent of these. He said the data was collected through a survey of crematoriums and graveyards across the state. As per his report for two months, the highest number of deaths were recorded in Bhopal (7,269) followed by Indore with 7,142, Jabalpur (4,893), 3,576 in Sagar and 3,564 in Gwalior.

According to an Indian Express report, Bhopal had recorded about 2,676 suspected and confirmed Covid-19 deaths in just April in its three designated crematoriums and one graveyard. This was when the state’s official bulletin for April recorded only 109 Covid-19 deaths in Bhopal and 1,606 deaths in all 52 districts.

At a press conference, the senior Congress leader gave the example of a visit he made to Linga village in his Chhindwada Assembly constituency. He said while 15 people from that village had died, the official number as per the collector was two.

Nath told The Sunday Express: “India is fooling the world by hiding the death figures. MP is a living example of this. And if (Chief Minister) Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government does not agree with the figures, they can release their figures and prove me wrong.”

Minister for Medical Education Vishwas Sarang said: “Kamal Nath is doing politics over dead bodies. The government has not instructed anyone to hide any figures.”

Home Minister Narottam Mishra challenged Nath’s figures and offered to resign if he was able to show evidence.

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