Govt will fund search for state summiteer’s body

The Haryana government, on Monday, sanctioned the funds required to bring back the body of mountaineer Ravi Thakur, who died last week at South Col of Mount Everest after successfully scaling the peak, said chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

Hindustan Times had reported on Monday that Thakur’s family in Sonepat was unable to afford the amount. Khattar said his government has asked the Indian High Commission to get the recovery operation started. “We will bear all the expenses required for the search-and-recovery operation and also the evacuation. The state will ensure the payment for all the arrangements required for the same. I am wishing his family strength and peace at this time of grief,” he said. An amount of ₹30.80 lakh has been sanctioned, said officials.

Earlier on Saturday, the mountaineering firm had sent the Thakur family, via the High Commission, a bill amounting to $44,000 for deploying a team of Sherpas (a Himalayan tribe known for their climbing skills) with 12 bottles of oxygen and six sets of masks and a helicopter for evacuation.

The officials familiar with the matter said that the evacuation process has started and it will take approximately four days.

If successful, the body will be brought to Camp 2 on May 22. Thereafter, the body will be airlifted to Kathmandu.

Mahesh Thakur, the deceased’s father, had said on Sunday that he could not afford to pay the amount for the search-and-recovery operation.

“I have spent all my savings for my children’s education. Recently my younger daughter has completed her engineering. Ravi was financially supporting me as it is difficult to make both ends meet with just my salary. My son has made the country proud. So I have requested the state government to help us bring Ravi back,” he said.

He further said that he was hopeful that once his son’s body is recovered, he could be revived. The deceased worked as a software engineer at a private company in Gurugram.

“Ravi’s friends told me that government has sanctioned the amount and they will bear all the expenses. I was under immense pressure and had given up all hope to bring back my son. Someone from deputy commissioner’s office had come to us today to inform us regarding the matter,” the deceased mountaineer’s father told Hindustan Times on Monday.

First Published:
May 21, 2019 05:29 IST

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